Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bouquet goes street

Paris fashion week street style from Refinery 29:

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

They Arrived!

I finally got the shoe clips in the mail that I had ordered from Etsy.  And they are beautiful, and even better than I imagined. I am so excited!  I'm also thinking these would be a fantastic way to jazz up some plain leather flats....there are some colored clip ons that are calling my name.

Bloom Away

As you would guess, I love, love peonies.  I want to fill my house with them.  After meeting with a florist I decided I couldn't wait, and wanted to try growing my own.  Well, I have a very poor track record with plants.  Last week I finally gave up on the office cactus I drowned and threw it away.  So I might be setting the bar too high.

After talking with a gardener at City People's for 30 minutes, I purchased a peony to plant.  I went to clear an area in our yard, and realized after talking to my mom that the green "weeds" I was frantically pulling up were actually a flower - crocus!  Those bulbs at the end of the plants apparently mean not a weed.  Yikes!  Good thing we have more of the crocus than we know what to do with.

And the finished product.  Now I just have to wait. 

Friday, March 5, 2010

Gilty Wedding

Mark your calendars.  If you're not already a Gilt Groupe member, you need to join ASAP.  The best sales on designer goods.  On March 12th they are having a wedding sale!!  Click here to join.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Le Sigh

I found them.  And they are knockout beautiful.  Except for the cost. And the stiletto. So for all you brides that have a generous shoe budget and an indoor wedding, check out these beauties.

Just sayin.

Bergdor Goodman

Color Me Coral (and cream and yellow)

Pictures from Flikr, Martha Stewart, The Knot, Shopbop

We have checked off so many things in the past few weeks - venue, bridesmaid dresses, and finally the photographer!!  We knew he was the one when he mentioned he likes to get to the venue early so that he can switch on his artistic side of the brain or when he said that he doesn't believe in posing (only actors can look good doing that) or when he said he would of course be there for the whole time - he's not going to any other weddings that day, so why would he leave?  We couldn't be more excited!

I waited to pick my colors until I picked out the bridesmaid dresses which will be coral silk shantung (not the one pictured above, but close) and use lots of cream with yellow accents.  Whew!  Now on to the flowers and cake - YUM!