Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bloom Away

As you would guess, I love, love peonies.  I want to fill my house with them.  After meeting with a florist I decided I couldn't wait, and wanted to try growing my own.  Well, I have a very poor track record with plants.  Last week I finally gave up on the office cactus I drowned and threw it away.  So I might be setting the bar too high.

After talking with a gardener at City People's for 30 minutes, I purchased a peony to plant.  I went to clear an area in our yard, and realized after talking to my mom that the green "weeds" I was frantically pulling up were actually a flower - crocus!  Those bulbs at the end of the plants apparently mean not a weed.  Yikes!  Good thing we have more of the crocus than we know what to do with.

And the finished product.  Now I just have to wait. 

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