Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walk this way

I have been on a shoe hunt for a few months now. Since my wedding will be outside (assuming the Seattle sun cooperates, which can be a big assumption), I want a wedge. I am enough of a klutz as is, I don't need stilettos in grass conspiring against me. Or stairs. Or a glass of champagne. You get my point. And it turns out dressy wedges are actually a huge challenge to find. I finally found and fell in love with these Stuart Weitzmans, but not the $350 price.  Especially for a one time wear.

So, my first DIY project. Well, not really, but I am bedazzling my shoes so does that count?

Shoe Clip Ons from B.Poetic and Enzo shoe from Nordstrom. I cannot wait to get these in the mail and see how it turns out!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Color me blue!

Wow, I have heard of a lot of different ways to choose your wedding colors, but this is by far the king of all options. You select a color, and it automatically suggests the perfect complement of shades! This makes me rethink all my initial thoughts – and discover combinations I never would have thought of.


With LOTS of cream of course!


So I started the search for my invitations. Ugh. I was quickly discouraged after going into Paper Source and finding that all the invitations I loved were WAY out of my price range. $1000++ ?? Um, I don’t think so. So. I think I may have found an option. Except that option presents more options: Etsy.com, oh how I can quickly lose hours of my time browsing through your amazing handcrafted options. So far, I have narrowed it down to the following:
Letterpress light! Not sure how this looks in person, but letterpress look for half the price – that has me interested!

Letterpress: More expensive, but it’s the real deal

These options actually made my heart skip a beat, though they might be too girly for the fiance

Mums the word from PEAKaBOODesign. Too busy I think..but look at the prices!

For Me

I am starting this blog because I can’t keep track off all the thoughts, inspirations, and notes I am collecting as I plan my wedding. And, I need an outlet for all of those wedding thoughts to sit before overwhelming my fiance, family, friends, and likely a few coworkers! After spending time on the usual wedding sites, I found that most of the suggestions were of course, the usual – and often not practical or local. So I’d like to start a collection of Seattle area ideas. Some days I feel like eloping and for all the other days I will come here.

I hope you enjoy and get a few inspirations – or if you have a few for me, or any comment, please share!