Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Walk this way

I have been on a shoe hunt for a few months now. Since my wedding will be outside (assuming the Seattle sun cooperates, which can be a big assumption), I want a wedge. I am enough of a klutz as is, I don't need stilettos in grass conspiring against me. Or stairs. Or a glass of champagne. You get my point. And it turns out dressy wedges are actually a huge challenge to find. I finally found and fell in love with these Stuart Weitzmans, but not the $350 price.  Especially for a one time wear.

So, my first DIY project. Well, not really, but I am bedazzling my shoes so does that count?

Shoe Clip Ons from B.Poetic and Enzo shoe from Nordstrom. I cannot wait to get these in the mail and see how it turns out!

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